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Teresa Roeder
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Short text messages will be sent to notify students of events, lunchtime visitors, scholarships & courtesy deadlines.
To sign up send a text to  81010 (951 795-4167) and enter code into text box (including the @ sign).


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    Lunchtime Presentations
Sign up for College Alerts to be notify of a college representative scheduled to be on campus.
 "Front of the Line" lunch pass is available upon request from Ms. Roeder if attending presentation.
8 Useful resources for writing scholarships & college admission essays



The Career Center is located in the heart of the Quad

School Code: 054-078

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Student Services 7:15 AM - 3:15 PM
Word is getting out about it being the best place on campus to spend lunch periods.
Students are welcome to come in with their breakfast or lunch and utilize resources. 
Career and College Resources:
  • Lunchtime Presentations : College, Military & Careers
  • Catalogs, Books, Encyclopedia of Careers, Adverts, DVDs
  • Computers / Internet / Research Programs
  • College Testing Information
  • SAT Practice Test Booklets
  • ACT Practice Test Booklets
  • Scholarships and Financial Aid Information
  • Colleges, Recruiters & Armed Forces Contact Information
  • College Fairs (Fall & Spring)
  • College Applications Assistance



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