• School Accountability


    NCLB School of Choice


    Under the provisions of No Child Left Behind (NCLB), students who attend a Title I school that has been identified for Program Improvement (PI) have the option of using NCLB School of Choice process to transfer to a district identified non-Program Improvement school with district-paid transportation.
    For parents who select this option, the district will provide transportation to the non-PI school for as long as
    the home school continues to be identified as a PI school. If the home school exits PI by making AYP for two consecutive years, the student can remain at the school; however, transportation will no longer be district-paid. If the demand for choice exceeds funds available, priority will be given to lowest achieving, low-income students.
    If you are interested in transferring your child or children to a non-PI school in the district, you will have the option of selecting from the identified schools on the PI NCLB School of Choice list. Your preference of a non-PI school will be taken into consideration. For more information regarding NCLB School of Choice, please see the NCLB School of Choice letter posted on this page for your school.
    Supplemental Education Services


    Supplemental Education Services (SES) are tutoring services provided outside the school day paid for by the school district.  No Child Left Behind (NCLB) requires that these services be of high quality, research-based and designed to improve the academic achievement for those students who qualify and participate in this program.  Students are eligible for these services if they are enrolled in a Title I school not meeting their federal Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) goals and come from low-income families.  This option is available to students who attend a school is in the second year of Program Improvement (PI) until the school has made the AYP for two years in a row.  For more information regarding SES, please see the SES letter marked with your school’s name and the list of SES providers that are approved by the state and are working with our district.