• mySchoolBucks


    We accept payments for bus passes through the mySchoolBucks.com online payment service, a secure transaction gateway that accepts VISA® or MasterCard® as a means of adding money to your child's meal account and purchasing bus passes. Either credit or debit cards can be used.

    The service automatically deposits the money into the student’s transportation account within one to two business days.

    The service or membership fee does not go to the school district.   All fees go directly to mySchoolBucks.com, to cover the vendor's costs of operating the online service.

    To Register Online:

    Visit the website at www.mySchoolBucks.com. Follow the instructions on the screen and provide the required information in order to register. You can register each child using their date of birth and/or student identification number; and be sure to enter your child’s name exactly as you did when you registered them at school. You will receive notification by email of successful registration. For this reason, a valid email address is required when you sign up for the service.

    You may use the receipt from myschoolbucks as a temporary bus pass until your student receives permanent pass from school.
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