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    Use these free, helpful, online links to assist you with studying, learning a concept, or reviewing! 
    Teen Driving  - Traffic accidents are the number one killer of teenagers. Use this site to help you learn the safety of driving.
    •    B.R.A.K.E.S. (Be Responsible And Keep Everyone Safe)  

    Flashcards & Quizzes - need to study for that test? Use these free, online resources to create flashcards and quizzes to help you ace that test!


    Harvey Mudd homework hotline lends a helping hand. The Homework Hotline provides free, over-the-phone tutoring in math and science for students in grades 4-12. The hotline is offered FREE to callers. Our tutors are highly qualified Harvey Mudd students selected for their technical expertise and communication skills, and all complete ongoing tutor training. Math and science tutoring is also available in Spanish (Sunday - Tuesday),  Mandarin (Monday and Tuesday) and Tagalog (Monday). You can reach a tutor by dialing 1.877.827.5462 Sunday through Thursday between 6 and 9 p.m


    Lessons for Everything! - didn't quite understand the lesson? Use this free resource to watch teachers teaching a lesson in just about every subject! 
    • KhanAcademy.org - Watch videos of teachers teaching in each and every subject!
    • IXL.com - Language Arts and Math


    9th Grade - here's a helpful collection of free resources for all 9th graders!
    • Biology - Practice tests from the Prentice Hall textbook, plus click here for an online interactive quiz! 
    • Algebra 1 - Although we now use Integrated 1 Math, Algebra 1 is integrated into the lessons.
    • Language Arts 1 - Practice reading passages with quizzes.
    • Spanish 1 - Practice tests for beginning Spanish students.
    • French 1 - Practice quizzes for beginning French students.


    OdysseyWare - direct links to credit-recovery (must already be enrolled):

    • Khan Academy - Free lessons and practice problems for every lesson! Free app for your phone too!
    • ixl - This site is great for practice. Students can select from multiple math topics related to the seventh grade curriculum. The level of difficulty adjusts to the needs of each individual student and increases with mastery of the content. The site also gives step by step instructions to any problem solved incorrectly. 
    • Free Math HelpThis website has an array of available math helps. There are some videos, a lot of written notes and examples, some interactive practice/games and also multiple types of calculators. (The elaborate calculators are not necessary for math7 assignments, but nice to know of for future math courses).

    Computer Lab