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New Visitor Procedures


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Dear Parents and Guardians,


The Corona-Norco Unified School District considers the safety and health of our staff and students a top priority. To further safeguard the safety of your child while in our care we will be implementing a new visitor management system to ensure that individuals visiting our campuses and interacting with our students are authorized to do so. CNUSD believes there is a safer way to monitor visitors on our campus’s and will be replacing the paper visitor sign-in sheets with the Raptor Visitor Management System in the near future. You will continue to be required to present your identification to the office staff. Accepted forms of identification are as follows:

·         Any state issued driver’s license or identification card

·         Matrícular Consular card

·         Military ID (active duty or retired)

·         Permanent resident card

Once the front desk staff scans the identification provided Raptor instantly checks the name against registered sex offender lists nationwide. Once the visitor has been cleared through Raptor the system will print a visitor badge with your name, picture and destination. It is important to note that the Raptor system only scans the visitor’s name, date of birth and photo for comparison with the national database of registered sex offenders. Any additional information is not gathered nor stored. The Raptor system is not connected to any other system such as the Department of Motor Vehicles, Department of Justice, etc… Any other information on the ID is not visible or accessible to any Raptor users. The data we screen is not shared or communicated. It is confidential and stored securely through a web-based system.


You will not be required to complete this process if you are simply dropping off an item in the office or picking something up. However, if the purpose of your visit is to sign out a student prior to dismissal, visit a location on campus, or volunteer in a classroom you will need to go through the new process. We are making this security change district-wide to help ensure the safety of all students and staff.


Our goal is to continue to provide a welcoming and warm environment for our parents, students and staff while simultaneously communicating a culture of safety and security to the community. All parents are urged to continue to participate in your child’s education


If you currently do not have access to a government issued form of identification here are some resources to assist you:

·         For a CA License visit a local DMV office or go to

·         For a Matrícular Consular card please visit a consular office. The card is issued without regard to immigration status and provides no immigration information.

·         For a Military ID card please go to

·         For a Permanent Resident Card please go to

All parents have a right to participate in their child’s education. If you have any questions or concerns about the implementation of this system, please schedule a meeting with your child’s Principal to discuss them. For more information on the Raptor Visitor Management System please visit








Board of Education

Jose W. Lalas, Ph.D.              Bill Newberry

Bill Pollock      Mary Helen Ybarra                  John “Mr. Z” Zickefoose