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Parking Lot Update

Norco Elementary School

Parking Lot Map during Construction


Hello Families!


Please be aware that Norco Elementary’s Parking Lot will be impacted for the 2017-18 school-year by construction. The map below highlights how to safely enter and exit our school.


  • Please follow the Walking Paths when walking on/off campus


  • Student carpool Drop-Off/Pick-Up begins at the crosswalk in the parking lot through the exit gates. Please always pull forward.


  • Please drive to the left of any buses parked in the Bus Lane


  • For the safety of all students and adults Waiting, Pick-Up and Drop-Off is prohibited on the parking lot lane closest to Temescal St.
  • Norco Elementary’s Parking Lot is Cell/Text Free Zone. We want all students to arrive and depart school safely.