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Student Q Connect

Access Your Student Schedule:

Complete the following steps to access and take a picture of your schedule for the first day of school.

*Note in order to view, snap a picture and/or print your new school schedule, you must have gone through our registration process here on campus last week or attended a make-up registration day.

*If you did not attend a registration day see below.


Schedules will be updated throughout the weekend as we finalize class schedules. Please check back on Aug 8th, Monday evening to confirm your schedule.


Step 1. Click the icon the below to access Student Connection.



Step 2. Enter your username and password and log in.

Step 3. Click on your picture

Step 4. Check the "Show All" box on the right of the screen.

Step 5. You now have access to your schedule.

Step 6. Take a picture of your schedule with your digital device or print it out. *Please note there will be no schedule distribution.


You must have access to your schedule on the first day.

*you may access your schedule on a digital device or you may bring a printed version. It will be difficult to access your schedule on the first day of school due to the demand on the server.