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New Sign In Procedure!

Corona-Norco Unified School District is currently utilizing Raptor System (Raptor) as its visitor management system.  Raptor reads a visitor's name, date of birth, and photo from a state issued identification card (ID), and compares the information to a sex offender database.  If no match is found, Raptor prints a visitor badge with a photo.  If a match is found, the operator will get an alert so that campus administrators and/or law enforcement personnel can take steps to keep the campus safe. 

Visitor Management System Procedures

1.                  When you arrive, you will be asked for a photo identification.  If you do not have acceptable photo ID, you will not be allowed access to the school. 

2.                  Office staff will scan your identification.  If there is no alert, the system will issue a badge with your name and destination. 

3.          When you are done with your school visit, please return the badge to any office staff member so they can sign you out.