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Celebrating Adult Education Week

Adult Ed Janet Portillo, a mother of two, is a student in the Corona-Norco Adult Education Program.  Growing up in Santa Ana, Janet found herself having to drop out of school in the 7th grade and work to help provide for her family.  Now, after 2 years of attending the Adult Education Program, she has completed the required English as a Second Language class (ESL) and has just started the High School Diploma completion classes. In addition to working towards her high school diploma, she is enrolled in the Bridge Program, a basic skills transitional program in language arts and mathematics focused on preparing students for academic secondary educational courses, as well as taking citizenship classes.  Janet’s plans after completing the high school diploma program is to attend college and become a nurse.

“I want to show my kids that it is never too late to start something and that you can do it. This experience has been hard and emotional but if you want something you can get it if you work hard.”  Janet is a great example of someone taking full advantage of the great resources that the Corona-Norco Adult Education Program has to offer.

It was Adult Education Week, March 23rd -27th. The state-wide theme for 2015 was “Today’s Students, Tomorrow’s Workforce”.  The theme aimed to underscore the vital role adult schools play in jobs and the economy. As recognized by the Corona-Norco Board of Education through Resolution No. 65, the purpose of Adult Education Week is to publically demonstrate the value of adult schools to our community and colleagues, while at the same time, celebrate our students and their  accomplishments. Corona-Norco Adult School had events planned throughout the week including; a poster creation campaign, Adult Education Matters Newsletter distribution, student recognition, workforce fair, presentation from Corona Public Library, and visits from local business and district personnel.

“For Corona-Norco Adult School, the goal for Adult Education Week was to give students opportunities to assess their goals, exposure to potential employers and careers, information about transitioning to college, access to services  for family literacy, and an overall celebration of what they are accomplishing. It was a privilege for me personally to organize and be involved with this event and I look forward to next year!,” said Marci England, ESL Program Development.