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School Supply List


Raney’s Recommended Basic School Supply List

Device – laptop or tablet (click here for recommended devices)

Flash drive

(recommended to back up digital documents)

Ear buds (with case)

3 ring binder for all classes (2 inch size)

Tabbed subject dividers - 8 tabs

Zipper pencil pouch

Notebook paper - loose leaf, no spiral notebooks - college ruled - 100 sheets

Unlined, blank white printer paper

Graph Paper

5 sharpened or mechanical pencils with lead

1 or more erasers

2 or more pens (blue or black)

2 red or green pens for peer editing activities

Correcting pen or tape

Colored pencils (box of at least 8)

Highlighters (5 colored pack)

2 glue sticks

12” ruler with centimeters and inches

3 Composition books for Lang. Arts (for warm-ups, reflections, and other work) One is needed per trimester, and one must be carried to school daily)

2 Composition books for Science

Clear Tape


2 folders with inside pockets


Any additional supplies required will be requested by subject matter teacher the first week of class.

ALL teachers would welcome donations of Clorox wipes and Kleenex tissues for their classrooms.

Thank You!