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Happiness Sprinkled Throughout Corona with Orange Grove HS

Winners A large dose of happiness descended upon Corona on Friday, February 6th from 8:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. Signs with positive messages like, “You’re enough!” and “Tell them you love them!” were waved on Sixth Street in front of the Civic Center so that all those driving or walking would be encouraged by a random act of kindness. Leading this charge were students of Orange Grove High School as well as parents, CNUSD Board Members, and city council members.

The staff at Orange Grove feel that just as importantly as promoting messages of anti-bullying and non-violence, it is of equal importance for students to participate in pro-kindness initatives. By actively engaging students in acts of kindness, students are able to experience first hand all of the social and emotional benefits that go along with giving back to your community.

Mrs. Fuller, UNITY Teacher and Lead in this project recognizes the impact an event like this can have in her student’s lives.  “My students often think that they don’t have much to give. I want them to know that they do. They have huge assets just innately in who they are and they have tons to give back. I want them to know that the world needs them and that there is purpose for their lives. This is a very small step, but it takes a small step and it starts here.”  Speaking with 11th Grader, Monique Gonzalez, it was easy to see the positive effects.  “This is a great thing to do. It gives the people that are having a bad day and feel like giving up on themselves some motivation and lets them know that there is someone that cares.”

For more information on the Happiness Sprinkling Project throughout Riverside county, click here.

Leanne Edwards