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Anti-Bullying Month

October is the month of awareness! This month serves as anti-bullying month.

Video #1 for the first part of October is a story about friendship and overcoming bullying. A group of mean girls tell a lie to an innocent girl that she has been nominated for homecoming court. Her two friends make a pact with one another that if either one of them is chosen, they will give her the coveted crown. Spoiler alert: this has a happy ending.

Wednesday, October 22 is Unity Day. Wear orange and take a selfie, group photo, or video clip of you and your friends wearing orange, then email your pictures or videos to We'll take the images we receive and make a video and post it for everyone to enjoy Monday, October 27, 2014.


Video #2:

This video mainly focuses on four important points: 

1) girls are more likely to participate in psychological and social bullying;

2) males are more prone to physical bullying;

3) cyber-bullying effects over 40% of students

4) It explores things students can do to stop bullying

 The video ends with the same call to action as the last one, reminding everyone to Wear Orange on Wednesday, October 22.


Take A Stand Against Bullying (Week #2) from Buzz on Vimeo.

Anti-Bullying Video Week #3 Ways To Stop Bullying from Buzz on Vimeo.