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November Classified Employees of the Month

Starting this year we wanted to honor our Classified Employees at Santiago who do a lot of work behind the scenes! We asked teachers to vote each month. Congratulations to the following November Classified Employees of the Month!!! Thank you for your dedication, passion, and hard work.

Comments about Cathy:

She is always so helpful when I have questions.

Kathy has been doing an excellent job in the front office!

Always willing to help everyone!

She is always pleasant and exceptionally helpful


Comments about Mike:

Mike has shown his amazing ability to peace-make with parents at football games and deserves mad accolades for not strangling a fool.

Always friendly and always helpful

Big Mike relates to students in a very professional manner. He encourages them to do their best and be on their best behavior. He is a role model for them and they positively respond to his style of securing the campus.

Big Mike always has a smile on his face.  He makes sure to ask about my day.  In addition, he coaches girls' basketball.  What a great way to connect with our students!


Comments about Sonny:

Sonny is an OG ....

Sonny is always here working his rear end off at the earliest of hours. I've never heard him complain once. we're lucky to have him.

Sonny does great work for us!

Always willing to help out.

Sonny is always attentive to radio calls, and make his best effort to resolve all issues ASAP 


Comments about Tonia:

Ms. Garcia not only takes notes in Astronomy for her own student but also helps students other Special Education students by making copies of notes for them to rewrite and helps with clarifying science concepts as  needed.

Tonia is kind, caring, and is able to reach out to students in a way that is unparalleled in our department. She is humble and puts students first!

She is very helpful in my class