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Santiago High School Artists & Designers win 23 Medals!


Madison Smitley, Jaeyoung (Jamie) Kwon, Isabel Agajanian, and Kendra Aguirre have just accomplished an incredible artistic feat. They have won 23 Scholastic Awards for Western Region at large which encompasses 10 states! 

 Madison Smitley, has alone won 5 Silver Keys in Fashion; 4 Gold Keys in Fashion; and 4 Honorable Mentions in Fashion and Photography this year.  Since her sophomore year at Santiago, Madison Smitley has won 7 Gold Keys, 7 Silver Keys, 4 Honorable mentions and 1 National Gold Medal.   


 Isabel Agajanian has won 3 Honorable Mentions in Drawing, Illustration and Digital Art; Kendra Aguirre has won 1 Gold Key for sculpture and 2 Honorable Mentions for Digital Art and Fashion. 


  Jaeyoung Kwon won 6 awards 2 Silver Keys in Drawing and Illustration  and 4 Honorable mentions in Digital Art.  Madison Smitley will go on to be judged again in NYC for a national gold medal in Fashion at Carnegie Hall.    Kendra Aguirre will also be judged in March for national Gold in Sculpture.


This is such a humbling and astounding experience that our Artists and Designers are nationally recognized and the exceptionally talented and driven Madison Smitley ( aka The Michael Phelps of Fashion) will be showing her award winning designs at the Santiago Fashion Show this March 18, 2017 in the SHS gym from 7-9.  If you are able to attend; it will be a one of a kind experience as it is both Madison and Kendra's graduating senior show!  It also helps support our self-funded program and all the hard work of our incredible students!