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Science Fair Winners!!

CNUSD is arguably the most competitive district science fair in the county.  CNUSD winners go on to win approximately 40% of the medals at the county of Riverside fair; placing at the CNUSD fair is a big deal! Congratulations to our Santiago High School Science Fair Winners!



Mammalian Biology--Riley Espinosa, 3rd Place, "Is there a Genetic Basis in Patients with an Aortic Aneurysm?"


Microbiology--Kafia Ahmed and Sunnia Khairi, 3rd Place, "Germs and Bacteria"


Plant Biology-- Shae Corcoran and Kennady Heitmann, 2nd Place "Tap Water vs Reclaimed Water and the Germination of Native Plants"


Toxicology-- Cheyenne Espinosa and Marcos Milla, 2nd Place, "Are Energy Drinks Safe? The Effects of Energy Drink Ingredients on Tenebrio molitor."


Riley Espinosa was also selected to move on to the Riverside County Fair in March.