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Santiago Music Scholarships and Music Majors

Music Scholarships and Music Majors


This year, the senior class of the BOSS (Bands Of Santiago Sharks) boasts an unprecedented amount of music scholarships and college Music Majors.  Please join me in congratulating these Senior BOSS members for their outstanding achievements.


Ryan McGee: University of Michigan, Music Performance Major, music scholarship of $35,000 per year ($140,000 total)!

Emma Breen: New England Conservatory, Music Performance Major, Music and Academic Scholarship of $18,000 per year ($72,000 total)!

Ihab Hamideh: University of Redlands, Music Performance Major, Music Scholarship of $14,000 per year ($56,000 total) + assorted grants!

Cameryn Haynes: Northern Arizona University, Music Education Major, Music and Academic scholarships of $36,000 total!

Alezea Serrano: Mt Marty College (South Dakota), Biology major, Academic, Softball and Music Scholarships of $21,000 per year ($84,000 total) + assorted grants!

Michael Lee: California State University Long Beach, Music Education Major

Cameron Smith: RCC, Music Major

Chris Morano: RCC, Music Major

Angel Martinez: RCC, Music Major