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CRAY Supercomputer Inc. Surprises JFK Middle College HS Student

What happens when you are trying to calculate a disastrous outcome of a zombie apocalypse that requires an equation so complex, with numbers so large, they don’t even fit on your calculator?

Hugo Villanueva of JFK Middle College High School found himself with this dilemma. When his Math teacher, Mr. Mucci challenged the class with crafting a zombie apocalypse equation, Hugo’s equation was going to need a bigger calculator. So, Hugo sent a letter to CRAY Inc. hoping they could use their supercomputers to help solve his equation (and possibly save the human race in the process).

But Cray was so impressed with Hugo’s curiosity and crazy equation that they decided to give him a response both in a letter and in person. Mr Mucci and representatives from CRAY Inc. arranged for a surprise visit on May 18th during class.

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