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ThirdGrade School Supply List

Dear Parents,

    A supply list was given to your child last year at the end of second grade.  If your child is new to Foothill or this list was lost over the summer (these things happenJ),we have provided a suggested list of supplies your child will need below

o   #2pencils (send three to school, and keep the rest at home until needed)

o   Aset of 12 colored pencils

o   Gluesticks (send three to school and keep the rest at home until needed)

o   One whiteboard eraser or a clean sock to use as one

o   A homework folder with pockets (you may want to get a couplethey do wear out)

o   Amedium-sized pencil bag or box to keep their supplies in

o   Abackpack for carrying books and homework

o   An  8 ½by 11 spiral notebook

o   Dryerase marker (skinny ones are OK) or set of dry erase crayons

o   Student sized scissors

Crayons, white glue and a ruler will be supplied for your child to use in class, along with the necessary supplies for most classroom projects.  We ask that you do not send any additional supplies with your child (supersize boxes of crayons, for example), as anything that does not fit in a standard pencil bag/box will need to be returned home.  All of these supplies can be easily found at the market, office supply stores, or general merchandise stores such as Target.  Many stores have great sales on these supplies in August and September.

  Please also consider putting together a homework kit, to be kept at home, with the following supplies to complete homework assignments:

#2 pencils



Glue sticks

Colored pencils