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Paragraph Writing

A paragraph must include the following:
Topic sentence-This is the first sentence in the paragraph.  It is the sentence that tells the reader what the paragraph is going to be about.  Your child should also indent this sentence.  The Topic sentence is also referred to as the GREEN-Go Sentence.  It is the heart of the paragraph and tells what information will be explained or shared.
Examples:                            Even though I love everything about school, math is my favorite.
                                           Would you like to know what my favorite subject is at school?
                                           Although school is awesome, I will tell you about my favorite thing about school.
Transition Sentences:  They are the glue for key ideas.  They are also known as the YELLOWS.  This is where the student slows down and introduces the key concepts, reasons, details or facts.
This is a basic list of transitions.  They are organized in sets, however they can be mixed.
One, Another, Next
First of all, Then, As a result of,
In the first place, After that, Last,
One important, Another important, The most important,
The first reason, the second reason, the last reason,
One reason, another reason, the third reason, 
Use a variety of transitions from the list, not always the same First, Next, Last,.  The transition words can be places somewhere in the sentences other than as the first word.  For example:  Cooking for me is the first reason my mom is special.
Explain is the RED(tell me more)
For each detail (yellow) sentence, the writer must write one or more "red" sentences explaining, elaborating and offering examples and further information.  The most effective "red" sentence use colorful, descriptive language (adjectives), and answer the questions who, what, when, where, why, how and when.  Basically I tell the students "tell me more".

A conclusion sentences end the paragraph.  It restates your topic sentences using synonyms to replace key words.  Some conclusion starters are:
All in all...
In conclusion....
As you can see...