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Drop Off and Dismissal Procedure

We know that traffic is a constant issue at Garretson and we continue to work with our community to do what we can to reduce wait time and increase student safety.  We would like to thank everyone for their patience as they pick up and drop off.  Since student safety is our first concern, we’d like to provide a few reminders for families:

•        Please use the front parking lot if your student is a 1st-2nd grader.  Pull up in front of the electronic marquis near the Gator mural wall to drop off/pick up your student.

•        Please use the back parking lot if your student is a 3rd-6th grader.  Pull up all the way around in the designated orange cone area to pick up your student

•        Please do not drop students off in the street.

•        Encourage all students who walk to obey traffic laws.

•        Encourage all students who ride to school to wear helmets.

•        If your 3rd-6th grader has a sibling please remind them to meet at the sibling tree near the swing area.

Thank you for helping us provide a safe campus and enjoyable experience for our students.