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« Name and identify some upper and lower case letters

-Flash cards, books, magazines, road signs, grocery store, CD’s (Jumpstart and Leap Frog are great ways to expose them.)


« Recognize and identify most letters in their first name in print

 -Stick notes around the house


« Reinforce correct letter formation, since this is a hard habit to break


« Write their first name correctly with the first letter capitalized

and the others lower case


« Identify some numbers

-Card games, dice games, and board games like Trouble and Hi-Ho Cherrio


« Start to recognize the difference between letters and numbers


« Identify some basic shapes   


« Use scissors, beginning to cut straight lines and simple shapes


« Recognize basic colors - red, yellow, blue, green, purple, black, white, orange, pink, and brown


« Use a mouse and be exposed to using a computer


« Work on tying his/her shoe


« Use the bathroom independently
* Open Lunch items independently