8/14/17:  Binder Check

Vocabulary 1:  Due Friday

Choose option A or B:

A) Write word and definition 5 times each

B) Write word and definition once with colored drawings.

8/15/17:  Math in Minutes Week 1: Due Friday

This is an in-class activity, however, students may take a picture of it.  To receive full credit, M&M's must have the following:

1.  Show your work

2.  Be corrected by the teacher or instructional aide

3.  Be stamped by the teacher or instructional aide.

8/16/17:  Study for Vocabulary Quiz on Friday

Organize binder

8/17/17:  Reading Comprehension:  Due Friday

"Buyer Beware"

To receive full credit, you must, you must highlight or circle the information from the passage that supports your answers.

Get packet ready to turn in tomorrow

Week #1 Packet

1.  M&M's

2.  Vocab

3.  Reading Comp


Packet Due Today!


Academic Core Support Daily Schedule

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ACS Syllabus

Binder Requirements

Binder Requirements 2

Buyer Beware

Link Chore

Week 1 Vocabulary

Week 1 Vocabulary pg 2

Week 2

Week 2 Homework

9/1/17:  Week 3

Week 3

Math in Minutes Period 5

Math in Minutes Period 7

Week 4

Week 4

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Week 5

Week 6

Week 6

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Week 7

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