English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC)

When parents enroll their students at their Home Schools, they complete a variety of paperwork.  One of the documents indicates if students need to be tested for their academic English with speaking and listening.  After being given a score, children are assigned a PreLAS level and parents complete an Option Form.  If children have been initially identified as an English Learner, the child will be annually assessed to determine if his/her reading, writing, speaking, and listening is being supported and strengthening.  CNUSD's Bilingual Master Plan is to have a child make one year of growth each year until a child can be successful without additional classroom support.  All of the teachers have CLAD certificates and there is a bilingual aide available to support in the classroom.
Parents of English Learners have a committee composed of any child who has been identified as an English Learner.  This committee is called the English Learner Advisory Committee and it meets a minimum of four times a year.  Parents develop the meeting agendas and are able to become more involved with their child's education and special needs.