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Traffic Information

Most of our traffic concerns are related to blocked traffic on Temescal Avenue, illegal double-parking, illegal loading in traffic lanes, and unsafe, illegal jay-walking near the parking lot exit.

It takes approximately 15 minutes after the end of the day bell for a smooth pick-up flow to occur.   Parents lining up at 2:30 p.m. and earlier contribute to the beginning of the back up and overflow into the street long before dismissal time.  It is our suggestion that you NOT arrive early to pick up your child.  Several parents who arrive for pick-up between 3:10 and 3:20 p.m. have given feedback that the drive is easier and less frustrating.  Children are supervised during this time, so please consider your schedule for pick-up as a possible solution.

We sincerely ask parents to follow the law, and NOT load students while double parked in traffic lanes on Temescal Avenue, and certainly not to call students out into the middle of the street or parking lot to load.  If we see this occur, we will stop it by holding your student on the curb until they can be loaded safely.  Think of what could happen to a child if the vehicle were rear-ended while they were loading illegally! That should be enough of an incentive to stop this practice.

Several parents have asked about an additional crossing guard and/or moving the south crosswalk closer to campus.  The south crosswalk is at the crest of the hill across from Kiddie Kollege in order to give drivers the best view of pedestrians.   Moving it is not possible.  Crossing Guards are provided by contracted companies and their placement is not determined by the school.  We appreciate their hard work, and show respect for their position by driving slowly and responding kindly to their signals and signs.  Please use both marked crosswalks for safety and as a good example to children.

We appreciate your attention to safety at all times, and hope that you use the suggestions in this letter to make your drive and pick-up a better experience!