Corona Parks and Recreation Department Offers Kids Club At Prado View

Kids Club is now offering weekly enrollment and will begin in August 2016 - 2017 school year.  There is a $40 weekly fee for children and that amounts to $2.50 an hour for the care of your child.  Additionally, because staffing levels, activities, snacks, and program supplies are based on weekly enrollment, the program will not prorate fees except in the case of school-recognized holidays.  Whether your child attends one day in a week or all, the weekly fee will not change.
Some parents have expressed frustration about separate snack fees so all fees will be inclusive.  This means that you can report the whole fee for tax purposes where eligible.  Payment will be made at the school site, and it will no longer be necessary for parents to come to the Library and Recreation Services Department Office to make a payment.  You can do so when you pick up your child(ren) before 6:00PM on Thursday or Friday of the proceeding week.
If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Irving Montenegro, Jr. by email or by telephone at 951-736-2368.