My login is not working? How do I get my password?

NOTE: You must first authenticate your account by logging on to a school computer before Student Connect, Moodle, Schoolwires, will recognize your login.

Passwords expire every 6 months. Must reset on a school computer by selecting Ctrl-Alt-Delete, change password on school network. 
Contact the computer lab teacher, librarian, or school official that distributes computer logon account information for your school site. ***Grades 3-6 see your teacher who has access to reset student passwords.

User Name = Student ID #. Passwords are first/last name initials and birth date (drop leading zeroes). For example: John Smith 07/04/1998 = Js741998.

When creating new passwords, it must be at least 8 characters, have a capital letter and a number, the new password cannot contain your name, ID #, or be too similar to your previous passwords. 

To many failed attempts (10) at logging in will result in your account being locked, after 15 minutes users may try to log back in again.

Grades K-2 will NOT be prompted or allowed to change their passwords.
Access outside of the district network to myCNUSD, O365, which includes student emails will require full username (email address) or cnusd\Student ID#
 Student Login