2022-2023 Student Board Member Highlight

Meet Daniel Zhao! The new CNUSD Student Board Member for the 2022-23 school year. Daniel is a senior at Eleanor Roosevelt High School. He is involved in ASB and Class Council and will also be serving as ASB President this school year. In addition, Daniel recently earned the Eagle Rank in Boy Scouts of America. 

During my time as the CNUSD Student Board Member, I am most looking forward to getting to advocate for and represent the wonderful students within our district,” said Daniel. “I am excited to meet and work with the Board of Education, helping influence their decisions to create positive impacts for our community.

Daniel will play a critical role on our Board, sharing student voice at the highest level of decision-making. 

Students always see the finalized result of decisions made at a higher level, but never really get to play a part in the decision-making process,” said Daniel. Becoming the Student Board Member will enable me to voice the opinions of students who otherwise would have remained unheard.

As Student Board Member, Daniel plans to advocate for CNUSD students and provide a voice at the table. 

I will always advocate for the wishes of our students, always pushing for what will be best for them,” said Daniel. This of course comes with my other duties of running the Intra District Student Council, student recognition, and attending events/board meetings.

Daniel is not sure what school he will be attending after high school but is thinking about UCLA, UC Berkeley, and may also be applying to a few ivy league schools. He plans to study law or medicine. 

“I would love to have a career either as a lawyer or as a doctor,” said Daniel. “Both of these careers interest me as I have always been extremely interested in helping people ensure that the right thing is being done. Whether it be through upholding justice within the field of Law or helping save a life in the field of Medicine, both careers have piqued my interest.”

If he pursues law, Daniel would like to become a successful lawyer with a law firm to eventually become a District Attorney. If he pursues medicine, Daniel plans to become an Oncologist. 

Later in his life, Daniel is also interested in pursuing the political field and potentially running for an elected office. 

His favorite quote is “All things are difficult before they are easy.” He encourages his peers to branch out, join clubs, and find communities where they belong. 

“Never hesitate to have fun and experience high school to its fullest,” said Daniel. 


Daniel was sworn in as 2022-23 Student Board Member at the Board Meeting on Tuesday, September 6, 2022.
Meet Daniel Zhao! Our 2022-2023 Student Board Member!
Daniel is a senior at Eleanor Roosevelt High School.
Daniel recently earned the Eagle Rank in Boy Scouts of America.