Inaugural Exceptional Students Junior Olympics

EASTVALE - On Thursday, May 5, 2022, twenty-four students on IEPs in grades four - sixth participated in CNUSD’s inaugural Exceptional Students, Junior Olympics. They competed during the regularly scheduled Small School, Junior Olympics with other fourth through sixth grade students from many schools within our district at the stadium at Eleanor Roosevelt High School.

The stands were full! Our exceptional students raced in three heats of a 50 meter run. They were the first event to kick-off our Olympics. As our exceptional students did their very best to race the 50 meters, the stands went wild! Everyone was cheering for our students on IEPs as they raced in their heats to the finish-line.

Students were also able to compete in parallel events to the regularly scheduled events at the Junior Olympics. We held a 50 meter run, tennis ball throw, soccer dribble, and long jump.

All students who participated in our Exceptional Students, Junior Olympics will earn a certificate and the top three students in each event earned a trophy for first, second, and third place. These students are listed below:

50 Meter Run
First - Caren Renson (Rondo Elementary)
Second - Anthony Mazraani (Wilson Elementary)
Third - Vada Armola (Norco Elementary)

Tennis Ball Throw
First - Vada Armola (Norco Elementary)
Second - Aryn Harty (Prado View Elementary)
Third - Caren Renson (Rondo Elementary)

Soccer Dribble
First - Jose Alcalo (Vicentia Elementary)
Second - Caren Renson (Rondo Elementary)
Third - Helen DeOca (Foothill Elementary)

Long Jump
First - Caren Renson (Rondo Elementary)
Second - Vada Armola (Norco Elementary)
Third - Wilson Feng (VanderMolen Elementary)