River Heights Student Creates Virtual Book Club

River Heights Student Creates Virtual Book Club
Posted on 04/27/2021
CNUSD Student Spotlight - River Heights Int.

EASTVALE –Nathan Kaller from River Heights Intermediate School created a Virtual Book Club.

With Distance Learning and Stay-At-Home Orders due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many students were left wondering on how to pass the time. One such student was River Heights 8th-Grader, Nathan Kaller. Nathan was experiencing feelings of loneliness and depression. He wanted to combat this, not just for himself, but for other students who may be experiencing the same feelings. Nathan decided to approach his Language Arts teacher.

“Nathan came up with this idea for the book club,” said River Heights teacher, Nicole Elmore. “As a way to connect with his friends, encourage literacy, and have something to pass the time. Nathan’s passion for reading was the foundation for creating his book club but in the process, he was able to help others deal with their isolation and feelings of depression.”

Currently, the Book Club has about 100 students across four school sites, and with students in Kindergarten, 3rd, 5th, and Intermediate grade levels. The opportunity to meet with students at different grade levels, excites Nathan.

“I want them to be excited about reading and for their reading comprehension to improve. For the teens I work with, I want to show them that they can become leaders and they can make an impact right now, it doesn’t matter their age.”

Nathan knows the impact reading can have on his peers now and for the future.

“Reading is the foundation of learning. It’s everywhere,” said Nathan. “In elementary, in Middle School, in High School, in collage, in the regular world, you are learning and reading helps boost that.”