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Frequently Asked Questions
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How do I drop from summer school? Please notify your counselor immediately so we can offer your seat to another student. Should you fail to notify your counselor, you will be dropped by the 2nd day of summer school without anything posted on your transcript.

What if I change my mind and want to change the course I'm signed up for? Please notify your counselor immediately so we can see if there is availability in the course you prefer.

When and how do I access my summer school schedule? You can access your summer school schedule on Student Connect by June 7, 2021. 

What if I want to take a class during summer school? Go see your counselor.

What if a student just shows up on the 1st day without signing up first? Students may still have a small opportunity to take a class by waiting on standby. If there is room in a course, students can be added by a counselor by the end of the school day.

Does taking summer school course replace the grade on the transcript if a student retakes a course? No. Both the original course that was taken and the new summer school course will be placed on the transcript, which means both grades are averaged into the GPA. Colleges and universities, however, do look over the entire transcript and will see that you attempted to take the course again, which looks favorably on the student.

Do I have to attend both sessions? No. Only attend the session you need (or when the course you need is offered).

Can I take a regular class and an online class? Yes, we will ensure that the classes do not overlap. Refer to the Bell Schedule to see the unique schedule for online classes.

Is busing available? Refer to the Transportation page. 

We have a vacation planned - can I miss a couple days without being dropped? Refer to the Attendance page.

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