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Coronavirus Parent Tips
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Parent Talking Tips – COVID 19


Remain calm and reassuring.

Children will react to and follow your verbal and nonverbal reactions.

If true, emphasize to your children that they and your family are fine.

Remind them that you and the adults at their school are there to keep them safe and healthy.

Make yourself available.

It is important that they know they have someone who will listen to them; make time for them.

Avoid excessive blaming.

It is important to avoid stereotyping any one group of people as responsible for the virus.

Be aware of any comments that other adults are having around your family. You may have to explain what comments mean if they are different than the values that you have at home.

Monitor television viewing and social media.

Limit television viewing or access to information on the Internet and through social media. Try to avoid watching or listening to information that might be upsetting when your children are present.

Speak to your child about how many stories about COVID-19 on the Internet may be based on rumors and inaccurate information.

Maintain a normal routine to the extent possible.

Keep to a regular schedule, as this can be reassuring and promotes physical health.

Encourage your children to keep up with their schoolwork and extracurricular activities when available, but don’t push them if they seem overwhelmed .

Be honest and accurate.

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