CNUSD Students Shine at Riverside County History Day Competition

Students from across the county participated in the 2022 Riverside County National History Day competition. CNUSD students won in various categories! 

Featuring the 2022 theme of ““Debate and Diplomacy in History: Successes, Failures, Consequences” the competition featured students in grades 4-5 who participated in the poster category, and junior division (grades 6-8) and senior division (grades 9-12) students who competed in the following categories:

  • Documentary

  • Performance

  • Exhibit

  • Paper

  • Website

  • Podcast (new category for NHD-CA)

The virtual judging took place from March 2-9, and ended with a virtual awards ceremony on March 17. All categories were open to the public for a showcase viewing from March 14–March 17.

The top four finishers in each category in the elementary, junior, and senior divisions, qualified to advance to the National History Day-California State Competition to be held at William Jessup University in Rocklin, CA May 6-8, 2022. Winners at the state level advance to the National History Day virtual competition, June 12-16, 2022, in College Park, Maryland.

Congratulations to all our wonderful scholars! 

Elementary Individual Poster

 Analise Persek
Project Name: Judith Heumann and the 504 Sit-ins
Temescal Valley Elementary School

Jaycee Cunanan
Project Name: Mary Church Terrell: Equal Opportunities Through Debate Diplomacy
Temescal Valley Elementary School

Vivian Lee
Project Name: The Debate and Diplomacy of the 1988 Yellowstone Fires 
Temescal Valley Elementary School

Junior Group Documentary

Taylor Davis, Kirsten Lara
Project Name: 
The Debate and Diplomacy of Child Labor in the U.S.
El Cerrito Middle School

Jonathan Chen, Kaide Zou
Project Name: The Scramble for Africa: How Empires Stole a Continent 
Dr. Augustine Ramirez Intermediate School

Junior Group Exhibit

Alexis Dumin, Rylie Sevilla, Urvi Vora
Project Name: The Seneca Falls Convention
El Cerrito Middle School

Junior Group Performance

Melak Dhaher, Safa Hassan, Alexia Kaan, Angela Liao, Katelyn Thompson
Project Name: Seneca Falls Convention: The First Step to a Better Future for Women 
Lincoln Fundamental Elementary School

Junior Group Podcast

Anneliese Brasher, Danni Brasher, Chloe Chun
Project Name: Retribution vs. Reform: The Debate Over the Juvenile Justice System
Dr. Augustine Ramirez Intermediate School

Junior Group Website

Nimmer Kaur, Clara Nguyen, Saijal Patel, Rudri Soni
Project Name: The Treaty of Versailles: When Diplomacy Leads to War
Corona Fundamental Intermediate School

Junior Individual Documentary

Shreya Jain
Project Name: Equal Rights Amendment: Should Equality be Debatable?
Corona Fundamental Intermediate School

Junior Individual Exhibit

Holly Liang
Project Name: Child Labor in the United States
El Cerrito Middle School

Emily Shin
Project Name: Comfort Women: Sparking Debate and Igniting Diplomacy for Human Rights, Justice, and Honor
Corona Fundamental Intermediate School

Junior Individual Performance

Ava George
Project Name: Diplomacy in Averting War: Dropping the Bomb and the Moral Debate that Impacted America's Military Strategy
Corona Fundamental Intermediate School

Lara Randhawa
Project Name: Emotional Diplomacy and the People's Demarche: How the Women's March of 1789 Turned the Tides of the French Revolution 
Auburndale Intermediate School

Junior Individual Podcast

Lyndsey Rhines
Project Name: The 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing Catalyzed Civil Rights Act of 1964
Garretson Elementary School

Junior Individual Website

 Ida B. Wells and Anti-Lynching
Project Name: 
Journey Hidalgo
El Cerrito Middle School 

Fabio Andrés Pabón Rizzo
Project Name: The Cuban Missile Crisis When the World Held its Breath
El Cerrito Middle School

Junior Individual Paper

Aimee Kim
Project Name: Debate and Diplomacy in International Adoption: How Two People Changed the Adoption System to What it is Today 
Lincoln Fundamental Elementary School

Senior Individual Podcast

Zachary Brasher
Project Name: All Hands on Deck: The Debate Over Racial Integration in the United States Navy, 1861-1865
Eleanor Roosevelt High School

Lauren Kim
Project Name: Not So Sweet: Debate and Diplomacy in the Annexation of Hawaii 
Eleanor Roosevelt High School