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Frequently Asked Questions

School Construction F.A.Q.

For a comprehensive overview of the passage of Measure GG and projects funded out of GG, please visit

Rondo Elementary Questions

Why is Rondo Elementary School being constructed?

The Rondo Elementary School project is being supported by Measure GG funding and was planned for construction to provide enrollment relief to surrounding elementary schools including Rosa Parks Elementary and Ronald Reagan Elementary.

Where will Rondo Elementary be located?

Rondo Elementary will be located on the southeast corner of the intersection of Hellman Avenue and Walters Street in the city of Eastvale.  The school's resemblance will be similar to Ronald Regan Elementary School. 

Are there plans to construct additional intermediate and high schools in Eastvale?

At this time, there are no plans for the construction of an additional high school or intermediate school. School facility construction projects are determined over many years of planning and progressive projections that include community growth factors, funding sources, and land availability. Community members interested in getting information about this process are encouraged to contact the CNUSD Facilities Department at 951-736-5045.

Are additional street lanes constructed when there is a school construction project being built?

Currently, there are plans to add a right turn only lane on Hellman Avenue as well as a four-way traffic signal.  Both of these traffic improvements will be at the intersection of Hellman and Walters.

Will the addition of Rondo Elementary allow Elementary Schools in Eastvale to switch to Traditional school schedules?

No. When Rondo Elementary opens in July 2020 it will open as a year round school. Eastvale Elementary Schools with the exception of Clara Barton will remain on year-round school schedules. The construction of Rondo Elementary will provide enrollment relief to Rosa Parks and Ronald Reagan Elementary Schools. 

With new school construction projects, are CNUSD student’s given priority registration?

Yes, student’s that reside within that city and are CNUSD students are given priority registration. For questions regarding inter-district and intra-district transfers, please contact our Student Services Department at (951) 736-5111.

eSTEM Program Questions:

When is the ESTEM Academy scheduled to open? 

The Eastvale STEM Academy is scheduled to open for the 2019 - 2020 school year. 

I don't understand how STEM works in relation to High School.  Are students required to take regular HS classes along with the STEM program classes?

The STEM program has a set four-year plan for students that have both high school graduation and a-g requirements embedded into the plan. In addition to the requirements for high school graduation and a-g, students will take a STEM elective each year that caters to whether they are on the engineering/computer science or the medical pathway.

What classes are available for the students choosing Medical Pathway?

Please visit the ESTEM webpage to see the 4-year plan for the classes that are available on the medical pathway. The specific electives available include Medical Anatomy and Physiology, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, Sports Medicine, Medical Pathology, Infectious Diseases, and Medical Front Office.

Do you have some summer classes available for STEM students? What classes do you have so far?

The classes that students are slated to take over the summer include Health (after 9th grade), PE (after 10th grade), and Art (after 11th grade). Students who are athletes or in marching band PE can opt to take history (either world or US) over the summer instead.

Will my child have to attend summer school every summer?

Students are required to take classes over the summer. Since the STEM elective takes up a spot for other requirements during the school year, students will need to take summer school to complete all necessary requirements.

Are students REQUIRED to complete 3 years of a foreign language?

Students are required to complete up to level 3 of a world language. If a student starts off at level 2, Spanish 2 for example, the student will need one more year of Spanish.

STEM Credit & GPA Questions:

Do STEM courses give credits for college as AP classes?

Students have the option of taking AP classes as well as Dual Enrollment classes with Norco College. Dual Enrollment classes are taught by college professors on our campus after school. We are currently offering English, Math, Business, Childhood Education, and Administration of Justice.

Do STEM classes from 9th -10th weight an A in a class as a 4.0 or 5.0?

Classes that are honors or AP will be weighed out of a 5 point scale. All other classes are weighed out of a 4 point scale.

Notification Questions:

We will get an email for the applications, right?

When you finish the online application, you should receive an email confirming receipt.  If you provided the correct email address and do not see an email, please check your SPAM folder.

Will we get also get notified on the student's emails as well?

All forms of communication regarding the STEM application process will be sent to the parent email provided.

Will we get an email if we did not make it?

Again, all forms of communication regarding the STEM application, lottery process, acceptance, waitlist, and so forth will be sent to the parent email provided.

When do I have to fill out the enrollment application?

The online enrollment window was Sunday, November 11, 2018, at 12 a.m. through Sunday, November 25, 2018, at 11:59 p.m.

Band Program Questions:

My son is in band and marching band and we are interested in having him join STEM.  My concern is or question is would his band activities affect STEM or vice versa?

We have many students who are in band and marching band. While the first semester may be a bit rigorous with the demands of band, there is not a conflict between the programs.

Sports Questions:

Can STEM students join the tennis team of high school?

Yes, students can join the tennis team. Tennis is an after school sport so once the student makes it onto the tennis team, we can drop him/her from PE for that semester.

Does STEM interfere with sports programs?

STEM does not interfere with athletics. Students can join their sport and once they make it onto the team, we can schedule them out of PE and into their sport. This may mean that some of the classes will not be cohorted with a STEM teacher or other STEM students depending on the master schedule, but the athlete will still be considered a STEM student.

Other Questions:

Does Roosevelt High provide any bus route that will pick up students for 0 period?

Currently, we do not have bus routes that service students for zero period

I heard a lot about parking issues, when will the parking structure project be done and in service?

Construction of the Eastvale STEM Academy campus and back student parking lot should be finished by the summer of 2019.  All construction should be complete by then.

Q: Will my child not be on regular campus for lunch?

The Eastvale STEM Academy will have a full-service kitchen, a cafeteria, and a grab-and-go cafe.  Students on the STEM campus will take lunch on the STEM campus.  If they are taking a class on the main ERHS campus during the middle block when lunch is taken, they will eat lunch on the main campus.  It will depend on their 3rd and 4th-period classes.

Do the STEM students interact with the rest of the Roosevelt student body?

Eastvale STEM Academy students are Roosevelt students.  They will have the ability to join clubs, attend dances, events, etc. on the main campus, as well as, interact with the entire Roosevelt student body.

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