CNUSD Legacy Award

CNUSD Legacy Award

The Nomination period for the CNUSD Legacy Award is open each year from April 1 through May 1. 

Legacy can be defined as the long-lasting impact of particular events, actions, etc. that took place in a person’s life. The CNUSD Legacy award hopes to highlight an individual whose work within CNUSD has or is making a positive and lasting impact on the students, staff, and community of CNUSD. In addition, nominee must be a retired staff member of CNUSD with a minimum of 15 years within the district.

2023 CNUSD Legacy Award 

Mr. Jose Niño, former Corona High School Photography Teacher and Tennis Coach was the recipient of the 2023 CNUSD Legacy Award.

When we talk about leaving a Legacy in CNUSD, we think of those who have left a lasting impact on their students, their peers, and the community. This year's Legacy Award winner is someone whose career spanned 48 years as a Corona High Panther.

He taught Spanish and photography and was the head tennis coach for decades. He is a first-generation American who did everything within his power to remove barriers for students, from loaning them cameras to re-stringing their tennis racquets in his spare time to ensure nothing stood in their way for success. Mr. Jose Niño taught students to capture the beauty of the world around them through the lens of a camera, and that LOVE might mean zero on the tennis court, but it should carry you throughout the rest of your life.

Watch the video below to learn more about Mr. Jose Niño.

2022 CNUSD Legacy Award

In the fall of 2022, Corona-Norco USD held its first State of the District event, at which Mr. Jerry Smith was honored with the inaugural CNUSD Legacy Award. 

"In CNUSD it has long been said that it takes a village, and we are proud to honor longstanding members of our community who play a critical role in the education and well-being of our students," said Superintendent Dr. Buenrostro. "As we prepared for this State of the District event, we knew we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight one of our own educators for the CNUSD Legacy Award. This award highlights what I believe sets CNUSD apart, and that is our staff’s commitment and dedication to our students.” 

Having served the Norco community for over 35 years, Mr. Smith's contributions were felt by many including our very own Deputy Superintendent, Dr. Lisa Simon. 

“I am thrilled to share with you all a bit about a man I was lucky enough to get to know during my time as Principal of Norco High School" said Dr. Simon.  "I was able to witness his influence on students and staff members as he shared his passions to create, to inspire, and to compete.  This man gave over 35 years to the students of Norco High School and in his time here he taught a variety of visual arts courses including ceramics, jewelry, and macrame. He also gave countless hours of his time coaching students in basketball and baseball. His passion for education did not stop when he retired but spread contagiously to his children, two of whom carry on his legacy in CNUSD today, one as a teacher in his very same ceramics classroom, and one as an assistant principal at Riverview Elementary School. Let’s take a moment to watch a short video and learn more about Mr. Jerry Smith who not only taught students how to mold clay into beautiful pieces of art but to a man who has also helped shape the futures of many students.”