Inclement Weather Protocols

District Inclement Weather Protocols 

During the hot summer months in southern California, we are likely to experience several inclement weather days on which extra precautions will be taken to keep students safe from severe weather. Below is an overview of our inclement weather protocols which will be implemented at our school sites.

Please be advised that school administrators will be responsible to implement inclement weather protocols, however, if there are excessive heat warnings district-wide inclement weather schedules are inevitable.

Below are a few factors that are taken into consideration in determining inclement or modified weather schedule.

  • If it is forecasted to be above 95°, a modified schedule can be called (a cool room is provided for those who want to utilize it).

  • 98° or higher inclement weather is called.

  • As for air quality, if it is in the orange zone (on the air quality index chart), a cool room for those who have breathing conditions is provided. If red zone or higher everyone stays inside.

Please see the tips below to help ensure student safety during this heatwave: 

  • Send students to school with a refillable water bottle to ensure they stay hydrated. 

  • Dress your children in clothing that is light-colored, lightweight, and limited to one layer of absorbent material that will maximize the evaporation of sweat.  

  • Be sure to use plenty of sunscreen. 

  • For specifics regarding how inclement weather procedures may affect your student’s school and/or athletics program, you will hear directly from your school principal, coach, or athletic director.  

Click here for the Air Quality Index Chart.

Click here for the Inclement Weather Chart.

Please contact your school site with any questions you may have.