District-Wide Solar Project

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As part of our commitment to sustainability and renewable energy, CNUSD will be installing solar panels at all District sites. This project was approved by the Board of Education in December 2021, and aligns with our Strategic Plan Goal 4(O): Financial Stability through maintaining and improving District infrastructure in an equitable and financially sustainable manner.

The District’s Solar Project is part of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) which provides ZERO upfront costs to the District. All installation and maintenance costs are included in the PPA rate. We anticipate approximately $59 million in savings over the lifespan of the 25-year contract, directly reflected in lower electrical bills.

The Solar Structures will be:

  • At every District site.
  •  Aesthetically pleasing ensuring we maintain a positive community presence.
  •  Strategically placed for maximum power generation.
  •  Multi-functional, serving both as shade structures as well as generating power in play areas, lunch areas, and parking lots.

The project began its initial installation summer of 2023 and is anticipated to be completed by the beginning of 2025.


This project is expected to:

  •  Provide shade for many parking lots.
  • Provide shade and sun protection for student lunch and play areas.
  • Offset current and anticipated utility rate increases.
  • Provide financial stability through guaranteed energy rates for 25 years.
  • Help prevent local power outages by providing additional power to the electrical grid.
  • Provide a renewable energy source and reduce carbon emissions.

What to expect:

  • Community members can expect to see construction crews at our sites during the week, on weekends, and during school breaks.
  • Some sites may experience reduced parking during construction.
  • The irrigation of some school site fields may be paused during construction, any effects to turf will be mitigated at the end of the project.

If you have further
questions regarding this project, please contact our Facilities Department at 951-736-5045.



Centennial High Installation Progress
Raney Intermediate Installation Progress
Stallings Elementary Installation Progress
Lee V. Pollard High Installation Progress