Bicycle & E-Bike Safety

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No matter how you travel, following laws keeps everyone safe. 

If you ride a bike:

  • Always wear a helmet.
  • Don’t ride your bike on school campuses.
  • Ride with traffic.
  • Stop at red lights and stop signs.
  • Use hand signals to turn or stop.
  • Have a white light on the front of your bike, a red light or reflector on the back, and reflective material on the pedals so you’re visible at night.

If you're driving:

  • Share the road. Bicyclists have the same rights to the road as you do.
  • Give bikes space when passing.
  • Yield the right of way to bicyclists when turning at intersections.
  • Obey the speed limit and pay 100% attention to the road.

E-Bike Rules of the Road

With e-bike popularity on the rise, be sure you’re aware of the laws & regulations for e-bikes!

  • Protect yourself, always wear a helmet! Know what kind of helmet supports the specific speeds of your bike. The law requires riders 17 and under to wear one at all times, and those 18 and over are required to wear one when riding a class 3 e-bike.
  • E-bikes must follow California vehicle laws! E-bikes and motorized scooters are treated as vehicles and must follow all CA vehicle laws and local codes. This includes stopping at stop signs.
  • Be aware of traffic & pedestrians! Don’t weave in and out of traffic. The more predictably you ride, the safer you are. Always be aware of the traffic around you. If your bike doesn’t have turn signals, use hand signals. Watch for doors opening in parking lots.
  • Slow down and break early! E-bikes are quick to pick up speed and can cause severe injury. At higher speeds, give yourself the appropriate amount of time to slow down and navigate the roadway.

Be Safe, Bike Smart Safety Campaign

In conjunction with the Riverside County Sheriff's Department, the Corona Police Department, and the cities of Corona, Eastvale, and Norco, the Corona-Norco Unified School District prepared the following PSAs and graphics to share across our school district and the communities we serve.