Cent10 Cafe Serves Staff on Wednesdays

Corona - In a remarkable journey of growth and innovation, our Centennial's Culinary Arts CTE Program has evolved from its modest beginnings into a thriving café that serves breakfast to staff every Wednesday morning. Program Advisor Ms. Tiffany Fujita has helped this program expand significantly, offering hands-on experience in diverse cuisines and restaurant management. This culminated in the creation of "Cen10 Café," a café run by students that serves as a real-world training ground while providing staff a taste of their culinary prowess. As this initiative garners acclaim, it symbolizes not just the program’s success but also the rich, practical learning experiences it offers, promising even greater expansions and opportunities for our students ahead.

If you are a staff member at Centennial, stop by Wednesday mornings from 7:30-9:30AM and purchase a breakfast meal to support the Culinary Arts Program!

Visit the CTE webpage to learn more about our CTE programs: Career Technical Education - Home (cnusd.k12.ca.us)

Aileen is a senior and is training students to be able to take over as expediter next year when she graduates. 
"The great thing about this is that students can put this on their resumes as actual job experience" -Cafe10 Advisor, Ms. Tiffany Fujita
Student pours milk in preparation to make a latte.