eSTEM Student Receives Edison Scholarship

EASTVALE – In an inspiring testament to hard work and academic excellence, Eileen Lin, a senior at Roosevelt's eSTEM Academy, has been awarded a prestigious scholarship from Edison International. This significant achievement highlights not only Eileen’s dedication to her studies but also the potential for bright futures that the community and its supporters like Edison International can help ignite.

Eileen has been recognized for her outstanding academic record, leadership qualities, and active participation in community service, embodying the qualities Edison International seeks in its scholarship recipients. The scholarship, amounting to $50,000 is designed to support students pursuing studies in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) fields, demonstrating Edison International’s commitment to fostering educational opportunities in areas critical to the future of our community and the world.
As Eileen prepares for the next chapter in her educational journey, she stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration for her peers, demonstrating the impact of hard work, dedication, and community support in achieving one’s dreams.

To view Eileen's entry and for more information about Edison International’s scholarship opportunities and their commitment to education, please visit the Edison International’s Scholarship Website.
Congratulations Eileen, we are so proud of you!

Eileen Lin receives Edison International Scholarship of $50,000 dollars.

Pictured are student Eileen Lin, Eastvale Councilmember Clint Lorimore and Edison Scholarship Representatives. 
Eileen's mom, Mrs. Lin was able to join in on the surprise and congratulate her daughter on such a wonderful win. 
The whole school came out to congratulate and cheer on Eileen as she walked through the quad. 
Eileen was surprised with the scholarship during class where staff and students set up a sign, balloons and streamers to congratulate and make this experience even more memorable.