CNUSD Participates in Box Car Racing

Corona, CA - In a vibrant celebration of local history and youthful ingenuity, CNUSD third graders took part in an exhilarating Box Car Racing event, hosted in collaboration with the Corona History Association.
This unique initiative aimed to blend the thrill of competition with a deep dive into the rich tapestry of Corona's past, as students crafted their box cars with designs inspired by color, texture, and imagination. The race, which drew crowds of supportive community members and excited parents, was not just a test of speed but a showcase of creativity, teamwork, and a budding appreciation for the heritage of Corona.
Garretson teacher, Ms. Guttierez helped bring this idea to life stating -
"I wanted to create this event to bring the curriculum, the history of our city, to life. I remember walking on Grand Boulevard when I was in 3rd grade at Vicentia. I started the road races at Garretson 3 years ago and it was a hit. This is an event students look forward to as they enter 3rd grade. I wanted to bring the community together and reenact the races that our amazing city had in the early 1900's.  I got together with the Corona History Association, and they helped bring my vision to life. This is an opportunity for all 3rd grades to race and hear about the history of our city. Parents and families were encouraged to come and watch as well so they too can learn about our city's history."
The event underscored the district's dedication to innovative, experiential learning, connecting students with their community's history in an engaging and memorable way.
It was an amazing day full of laughter, friendly competition and smiles all around!
A special thank you to Ms. Guttierez, Sandra and Don from the Corona History Association and third graders from
Garretson, Orange, Wilson, Lincoln, Sierra Vista, Home Gardens, Eisenhower for their creativity, participation and help with putting this event together.