Paws of Love Brings Therapy Dogs to Victress Bower

Lacie, the Golden Retriever Cyrus the Mastiff Paisley the Poodle Sam the Doodle Josie the Lab

NORCO, CA - Throughout the school year, the Victress Bower School for Exceptional Children has been graced by the heartwarming presence of therapy dogs, courtesy of the organization Paws of Love.  The program, designed to support students with special needs, has been met with open arms as furry companions bring smiles and comfort to the school community.

Therapy dogs can play a crucial role in supporting the emotional and developmental needs of children with special needs. Beyond their furry companionship, these dogs offer unconditional love, non-judgmental acceptance, and a calming presence that can alleviate anxiety and stress. Interacting with therapy dogs can enhance social skills, communication abilities, and sensory processing for children with diverse needs. The bond formed with a therapy dog can also boost self-esteem and confidence, providing a source of comfort and stability in challenging situations. At Victress Bower, therapy dogs create a nurturing environment where children feel understood, supported, and empowered to thrive.

Among the dedicated volunteers are a team of affectionate therapy dogs: Josie, a gentle black lab; Sam, the friendly goldendoodle; Paisley, the sweetest poodle; Tyrus, the gentle giant mastiff; and Lacie, the ever-joyful golden retriever. Their presence has proven to be a source of immense joy and therapeutic relief for both students and staff alike.

Lyz Powell, one of the staff members at Victress Bower, expressed her gratitude, stating, "It’s not just great therapy for the students, it’s therapy for the staff here, as well." The positive impact of these furry friends extends beyond the classroom, creating a nurturing environment that promotes mental health and emotional well-being.

As Mental Health Awareness month is observed, initiatives like Paws of Love serve as an important reminder of the importance of compassionate support systems in our communities. Through the power of animal-assisted therapy, Victress Bower School continues to prioritize the holistic development and happiness of its students, fostering an inclusive and supportive educational environment.

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