Student Discipline

The Board of Education of the Corona-Norco Unified School District has approved and will enforce the following penalties for student involvement with dangerous objects, controlled substances, sexual harassment/battery, tobacco and nicotine products, electronic signaling devices, and fighting or attempting to fight.

Dangerous Objects:

The possession, sale or furnishing of any knife, explosive or other dangerous object, including but not limited to Swiss-Army style knives, exacto knives, box cutters, single-edge razor blades, pepper spray, BB/pellet gun, martial arts combat equipment, and brass knuckles is prohibited. If any student has questions regarding the appropriateness of an object on campus, they should ask school administration prior to bringing the object on campus. Any student who inadvertently brings an object onto campus that is prohibited should turn it in to a teacher or administrator immediately; doing so will avoid disciplinary consequences. Any student found in possession of a dangerous object shall be recommended for expulsion from the Corona-Norco Unified School District. Any student who possesses, sells, or furnishes a firearm will be recommended for expulsion for 12 calendar months.

Controlled Substances:

Controlled substances include illegal drugs and alcohol, and students found in possession, under the influence or having used them will be subject to suspension at all grade levels on the first offense, transfer to the Expellee Program in grades 7though 8 on the first offense, and transfer to Orange Grove High School ingrade 9 through 12 for the first offense. Upon a second offense, students at all gradelevels will be recommended for expulsion. Any student selling or furnishing illegal drugs or alcohol will be recommended for expulsion of a first offense.

Sexual Harassment/Battery:

Sexual Harassment is a violation of state and federal laws. Discipline consequences will be applied. Specific information can be found in the Parent-Student Handbook. Students accused of sexual battery will be recommended for expulsion.

Tobacco and Nicotine Products:

Tobacco and nicotine products (such as cigarettes, chew, or other related products) are prohibited and students found in possession, or having used such products under school jurisdiction, will receive specified consequences ranging from detention to suspension and recommendation for alternative campus placement.

Other Prohibited Items:

Pagers, beepers, cell phones, laser pointers and other electronic signaling devices are prohibited from being on campus or at school-sponsored activities unless recommended by a licensed medical doctor and approved in writing by the School Principal. Consequences for possessing these items on campus are similar to those for tobacco and nicotine products.

Fighting or Attempting to Fight:

Threatening to fight, fighting or attempting to fight will result in suspension or in other disciplinary actions. A second fight at the high school will result in a transfer to Orange Grove High School. Any student who causes serious bodily injury, strikes a district employee or make terrorist threats will be recommended for expulsion.


· On school grounds, including the parking lot and vehicles in the parking lot;

· Going to school and coming from school;

· At lunch time, both on and off campus;

· At, going to, or coming from a school-sponsored activity.