CNUSD Students Advance to National History Day-California Competition

CNUSD Students Advance to National History Day-California Competition
Posted on 03/17/2021

National History Day-California Competition

Norco, CA - CNUSD students will advance to the National History Day-California Competition after competing at the county level. 

Featuring the 2021 theme of “Communication in History: The Key to Understanding,” the competition featured students in grades 4-5 who participated in the poster category, and junior division (grades 6-8) and senior division (grades 9-12) students who competed in the following categories: 

  • Documentary 
  • Performance 
  • Exhibit 
  • Paper 
  • Website 

The virtual judging took place from March 4-10, and ended with a virtual awards ceremony on March 12. All categories were open to the public for a showcase viewing from March 11–March 12. 

The top four finishers in each category in the elementary, junior and senior divisions qualified to advance to the National History Day-California State Competition to be held virtually May 7-9, 2021. Winners at the state level advance to the National History Day virtual competition, June 10-14, 2021. 

Elementary Group Poster 

  • Juliet Avila, Alexa Duran, and Tatiana Baron, Harada Elementary 

Child Labor: The Black and White Photos that Helped Shape a Colorful Future

  • Aliyah Faith Cerna and Claire Lee, Clara Barton Elementary 
    How One Mouse Communicated an Understanding of the Importance of Animation Using Communication

  • Kloe Nguyen and Isabella Redito, Corona Ranch Elementary 

Hieroglyphics and The Rosetta Stone 

Elementary Individual Poster 

  • Kathryn Glenny, Clara Barton Elementary  

Photographs: Capturing Complex Moments

  • Sherry Bie, Clara Barton Elementary 
    Hieroglyphic Communication: The Key to Understanding Egyptian Society
  • Aimee Kim, Lincoln Fundamental Elementary 

Messenger Pigeons: The Way They Used to Tweet 

Junior Group Documentary 

  • Danni Brasher and Chloe Chun, Clara Barton Elementary  

C is For Communication: How Sesame Street Revolutionized Children's Television and Early Education 

  • Andrew Glenny and James Glenny, Dr. Augustine Ramirez IS 

Looking Through a New Lens: Cameras Focus Our Understanding 

Junior Individual Documentary 

  • Zachary Brasher, Dr. Augustine Ramirez IS  

The Power of Propaganda: Communicating Misunderstanding in Mao Zedong's Four Pests Campaign

  • Vivianna Tang, El Cerrito MS
    Ba-Goshi A-Kha Be Ah-Nah: Unbreakable Communication - Using a Forbidden Language in War

  • Shreya Jain, Corona Fundamental IS  

Mokusatsu: The Word that Shook the World

Junior Individual Exhibit 

  • Emily Shin, Corona Fundamental IS  

Propaganda Leaflets: A Tool of Communication Shaping Public Opinion and Division of the Two Koreas

  • Tori McBride, El Cerrito MS  

“Lost Friends” and “Information Wanted” Ads: Communicating the Heart-Breaking Stories of Family Separation Caused by Slavery

Junior Individual Performance 

  • Ava George, Lincoln Fundamental Elementary       

Languages and Dialects: A Profile of Communication During the Slave Trade

  • Dhyannah Thakor, Harada Elementary  

The Communication Disaster that Doomed the Titanic 

Junior Individual Website 

  • Ishaan Gupta, Corona Fundamental IS  

Repression over Liberty: How W.E.B. Du Bois' Pedagogical Communication Impacted Urban Sociology 

Junior Individual Paper 

  • Aiden Kim, Lincoln Fundamental Elementary
    The Fake News Pioneers: How Two Men Convinced America to Overthrow the Government of Guatemala 

Senior Individual Documentary 

  • Lauren Kim, Eleanor Roosevelt HS              

Masking the Truth: What Visual Japanese-American Internment Camp Propaganda Communicated 

Senior Individual Performance 

  • Dimple Amitha Garuadapuri, Eleanor Roosevelt HS
    Communication and Imperialism: A Key and Lock 

Senior Individual Paper 

  • Aisha Randhawa, Corona HS  

Jazz Diplomacy: A Dissonant Message of Racial Harmony During the Cold War of Words