Holiday Online Safety Guide

Staying Safe for the Holidays Training Module

We’ve got a special gift for you this holiday season: Free tickets to be a fly on the wall at a hacker holiday party! This training module takes you inside the minds of four cybercriminals as they swap tips and tricks for getting the most out of holiday scams. Watch them discuss their own nefarious activities and learn tips you can use to avoid becoming a victim. Check it out to learn about:

  • Phony gift card scams
  • Fake WiFi networks in shopping centers designed to steal information
  • Imposter discount sites offering free coupons

Holiday Cybersecurity World Passport Game

The holiday season can be a stressful time, especially when cybercriminals are on the prowl! Cybercriminals know that distractions like traveling, family visits, and buying gifts are abundant, so they try to turn that stress into a payday for themselves! This fun, interactive game will help you brush up on some of the things to look out for this holiday season!

Stay Safe for the Holidays Video

Today’s globally connected society makes it easy for us to do many things online. Unfortunately, it also makes it easier for criminals to take advantage of us. That’s why we’re sharing this brief video with a global twist to help you keep good
cybersecurity practices top of mind this holiday season. Check it out to learn:

  • The top five security tips to keep in mind this holiday season
  • Specific examples of how cybercriminals accomplish their scams
  • Actionable tips for how to protect yourself and your organization