Lee Pollard Adult Transition Student Makes Grandpa's Noodle Soup for Staff

Juan, a Lee V. Pollard Adult Transition student, made his Abuelito's Sopa de Fideo (Grandpa's noodle soup) for the office staff.

Juan has been in Ms. Alba's Adult Transition class for four years now and will be graduating from CNUSD this year. He loves his family and he loves to cook! He works at his family’s restaurant every weekend and comes back to class every Monday telling everyone about all the delicious food!

Ms. Alba's class is designed to teach adults with disabilities important life skills, cooking is something they do at least once a month. Juan was excited to share his recipe for Sopa de Fideo with the Lee V. Pollard office staff who were excited to try it, so he made a pot for them to try. He made it with love! ❤️

Check out the video below.