17 Home Gardens Academy Scholars Pass AP Spanish Exam

17 Home Gardens Academy Scholars Pass AP Spanish Exam
Posted on 09/01/2020

Three years ago, Home Gardens Academy embarked on the journey of offering Advanced Placement (AP) Spanish as a course. This past year the first group of HGA 8th graders took the AP Spanish test at the ages of 13 and 14 years old.  Out of 18 students who took the AP exam, 17 middle school students passed. From the 17 students who passed, six students passed with the highest score of a five, nine students scored a four, and two students scored a three.

“We are beyond proud of our scholars and feel blessed to have had Mr. Padilla who taught the first year of the implementation of the course, and last year Mrs. Gardner came on board and taught our former 8th graders and continues to be our AP Spanish teacher this year for our new group of scholars,” said Dr. Kaspar, HGA Principal.

Home Gardens Academy has worked with Corona High to build a pathway for HGA 8th-grade students moving on to begin their high school journey and take AP Spanish Literature during their Sophomore year.

“We are celebrating this great success. Among this group were many of our community families who have now taken a great step towards college, breaking a major first generation barrier,” said Dr. Kaspar. “As this program grows our vision is for more community native speakers possibly non-dual to be impacted by this great experience.”

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