Mr. Jerry Smith, Former Norco High Teacher, Honored with CNUSD Legacy Award

Last night at our State of the District Mr. Jerry Smith, former ceramics teacher at Norco High School, was honored with the CNUSD Legacy Award. Mr. Smith gave over 35 years to the students of Norco High School and in his time here he taught a variety of visual arts courses including ceramics, jewelry, and macrame. He also gave countless hours of his time coaching students in basketball and baseball. His passion for education did not stop when he retired but spread contagiously to his children, two of whom carry on his legacy in CNUSD today, one as a teacher in his very same ceramics classroom, and one as an assistant principal at Riverview Elementary School. Please take a moment to watch the video below to learn more about Mr. Jerry Smith who not only taught students how to mold clay into beautiful pieces of art but to a man who has also helped shape the futures of many students.