Elia Sanchez Named RCOE Classified Employee of the Year

Norco - Elia Sanchez, Instructional Support Community Assistant, was named 2022 Riverside County Office of Education Employee of the Year! Your unyielding dedication to our students' education truly exemplifies what it means to serve the community.
Elia wants to be remembered for being a role model in all her encounters with every student. Elia recognizes that students can feel nurtured with a simple morning greeting, and that it powerfully validates their worth. In her daily work, Elia operates as a “hook”, a caring person that gets students and family connected to their education and positively affects student attendance.
Her dedication and hard work to address the issues of our most at-risk youth has helped transform them into at-promise youth. Elia took initiative to identify 87 students who were in danger of not graduating on time and came up with the idea of “Senior SARB,” which was successful in helping 85 of those students graduate.
Elia partners with families and compassionately helps them understand the importance and attainability of going to school every day. Elia was instrumental in helping mold the new SARB process by shifting the focus to a more positive and restorative approach. She takes on all challenges with an open mind, positive attitude, a desire to learn, and the drive to do an effective job.
Congratulations, Elia!