CNUSD Students Shine at History Day

CNUSD Students Compete in the National History Day Competition
Posted on 03/07/2024
CNUSD Students at History Day

Moreno Valley, CA - Students from across Riverside County gathered at the annual National History Day competition, showcasing their research and creativity under the theme "Turning Points in History." Students submitted remarkable displays of historical understanding and innovative presentations across various categories including Documentary, Performance, Exhibit, Website, and Podcast.

Among the standout performances were the CNUSD students, who not only clinched an impressive 25 spots to represent Riverside County at the state level but also secured victories in an astounding 17 categories. 

“Learning from history is a powerful tool to prepare students for understanding their world and exploring how to influence the future,” said Riverside County Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Edwin Gomez. “We look forward to seeing how our county winners will shine at the state competition in April.”

As the CNUSD winners gear up to compete at the state level, they carry with them not only their trophies but also a deeper understanding of the pivotal moments that have shaped our world. In their exploration of turning points in history, these students are not merely spectators of the past but active participants in shaping the future.

The following CNUSD students/projects are advancing to the National History Day-California State Competition:

Elementary Individual Podcast

The Monumental Deal
Anchali Srirajan
Lincoln Fundamental Elementary School

Galileo Galilei
Seyon Sivakulam
Lincoln Fundamental Elementary School

Elementary Individual Poster

Horace Mann: Turning the American Public Education
Abbie Lu
Temescal Valley Elementary School

Alcatraz: A Turning Point In Prisons
Rhys Van Liere
Temescal Valley Elementary School 

Israel Becomes a State
Natalya Benor
Clara Barton Elementary

Elementary Group Poster

People Power Revolution
Farrah Lynn Cabildo
Kayla Safai
Riley Villaescusa
Garretson Elementary School

Junior Individual Documentary

 The Game Changer: Marvin Miller Turning Point in Labor Management Relations
Vincent Tang
El Cerrito Middle School

Junior Group Documentary

America's Boom or Bane: The Interstate Highway System
Jah Lovinus
Shankar Pradeep Nair
Corona Fundamental Intermediate School

Junior Individual Exhibit

Internment of the Japanese Americans
Lea Ladehoff
Lincoln Fundamental Elementary School

The Smallpox Vaccine
Vidhi Vora
El Cerrito Middle School

Junior Group Exhibit

Turning Points in History: 1960's Women's Fashion
Jaycee Cunanan
Aviana Lopez
Temescal Valley Elementary School

Junior Individual Performance

Florence Nightingale: The Woman Who Turned Nursing Toward the Point of Perfection
Bridget Caverly
El Cerrito Middle School

X-rays: X-posing the Invisible
Akshita Saravana
Lincoln Fundamental Elementary School

Pesticide Free, Finally
Dina Bakir
Garretson Elementary School

Junior Group Performance

Making a Change: Ancient Trade Routes
Riley Craig
Layla Deal
Elizabeth Ly
Evelyn Smith
Garretson Elementary School

Junior Group Podcast

The Soundtrack of Equality: Music, Repression, Protest, and the Civil Rights Movement
Caitlin Buensuceso
Brayden Goytia
Letha Raney Intermediate

The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938
Maya Amador
Aly Hernandez
Lincoln Fundamental Elementary School

Junior Individual Website

The Rise and Fall of Lobotomy: A Turning Point in Psychiatry
Kayla Nguyen
Prado View Elementary School

Senior Individual Documentary

In A Heartbeat: The Rogue Invention of Cardiac Catheterization That Revolutionized Medicine
Lauren Ho
Centennial High School

Senior Group Documentary

Punch Cards to PCs: The Tabulating Machine's Impact on Modern Technology
Phoebe Heng
Saanvi Nukala
Eleanor Roosevelt High School

The Divided Legacy of the Partition of India and Pakistan
Rumaisa Husain
Thashi Kiran
Eleanor Roosevelt High School

Senior Individual Exhibit

Eugenics: How It Turned Evolution Theory to Scientific Racism
Emily Shin
Centennial High School

Senior Individual Performance

Beyond Couture: Chanel’s Influence on Fashion, Feminism, and Functionality
Ava George
Centennial High School

Senior Group Podcast

Rosenwald Schools: A Turning Point In Educational Equality
Danni Brasher
Zachary Brasher
Chloe Chun
Eleanor Roosevelt High School

Senior Group Website

The ‘33 Act: Revolutionizing Securities Regulation in Financial Markets
Ishaan Gupta
Dev Raturi
Eleanor Roosevelt High School