California Science & Engineering Fair Winners

The 71st annual California Science & Engineering Fair was held on April 12, 2022. Students throughout the State of California in grades 6th– 12th competed in the event.

This year, there were 854 participants from 343 schools throughout the state who presented 720 projects in competition for awards totaling over $60,000.

Congratulations to all CNUSD winners!






 Anneliese Brasher

 Ramirez Intermediate


Breaking Bacteria


 Katelyn Dulco

Home Gardens Academy


 Is a Horse's Stride Length Affected by Its Shoulder Angle?

 5 -Honorable Mention

 Aisha Randhawa

 Corona High


 Excess Weight Gain: Are Chemicals or Excrement in Environmental Dust to Blame?

 5 -Honorable Mention

 Arav and Avijeet Randhawa

Garretson Elementary 


Making Mars's Atmosphere Sustainable for Human with Algae

 5 -Honorable Mention

 Lara Randhawa

Auburndale Intermediate


 Probiotic Power: The Impact of Macronutrients in Indian Dahi Yogurt on the Life-Span of Fruit Flies


 Natalie Yee

Centennial High  


Natural Antibiotic for Urinary Tract Infection


Anneliese Brasher, Ramirez Intermediate, 2nd Place

Katelyn Dulco, Home Gardens Academy, 5th Place - Honorable Mention

Aisha Randhawa, Corona High, 5th Place - Honorable Mention

Arav and Avijeet Randhawa, Garretson Elementary, 5th Place - Honorable Mention
Lara Randhawa, Auburndale Intermediate, 3rd Place
Natalie Yee, Centennial High, 4th Place